Writer, teacher, photographer, dental assistant, commercial pilot, licensed chiropractor; these are a few of the things that I am not. I am a web developer and Sociology graduate living in the Sacramento area. My time is spent learning new skills and improving as a developer, trying to be less terrible at chess, practicing yoga and enjoying the local craft beer scene. I love the web and think that it is the most important advancement of my generation. I have recently decided to take that passion and turn it into a career as a web developer.
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project one
Built on the Rails stack, Music Lovers is an online dating platform for people seeking matches with compatible music tastes. Users can create a profile as well as login to an exsiting one. Features authentication and authorization on the backend for user matching algorithm. site github
project one
General Assemblage is a full stack rails app built with a group of three other colleagues. General Assemblage is a social networking tool for General Assembly students and graduates across all disciplines to connect and collaborate. My main responsibilty was working on the front end and UI design. site github
project one
Beer.me is a craft beer mapping project for the San Francisco area. Developed with the MEAN stack, beer.me allows users to interact with a GoogleMaps API integration that displays information from a full CRUD database of craft beer destinations. github
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